About JB

Not too long after you meet me, you will probably hear the phrase:  “Victory is Ours!”

Although it may seem like a colloquialism, it is, more accurately, a commitment.  I LOVE to lead adventurers on adventures.   …and I am committed to OUR success TOGETHER.

I am an inventor.  I like to think of myself as a techno-courtesan.  …someday I’ll figure out how to make an honest living…  Search for “John B. Foreman Patents” on google, and it should turn up those things which have made it through the patent system.  I work for an engineering development firm:  35engineering.com.  We will invent for you.  If you have a product idea, please call me.  Electronics, Fab, Assembly, Industrial Design, etc…  My team and I will work with you to blossom your concept and make it happen!

I am a sailor.  My favorite thing could be cruising around on my 36′ Beneteau, “Exodus.”  Currently planning a voyage across the Pacific from San Francisco.  The first step will be navigating the California Coast on the way down to Santa Barbara…  Then Maui here we come!  I have outfit Exodus with a few of my inventions…   Namely, the Solar Foil and the Fairbanks Marine AutoPilot.

I am a mountaineer.  Skiing, Climbing, Snowboarding, you name it.  I love the mountains almost as much as I love the Sea…  We shall see if I can continue to do both.


Onward to VICTORY!

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  1. Alford Zimba says:

    I will be glad & hungry to hear read every message you share & apply it in life. I will also be praying for you..

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