Jesus comes back as a reincarnation of Bruce Li and gives me a “Lyft” in San Francisco

OK….   So my Lyft driver, A combination of Bruce Li (Hé Zōngdào) and Jesus, asked me how I was going to make the world a better place.

I told him, that I was going to do this by sharing my authentic self.  By being “real” with people.

I explained:  “By allowing myself to be vulnerable with those around me:  listening to who and what they are and what they “really” have to say, then I am giving the gift of acceptance and love to them. If we are feeling loved, then we won’t be doing terrible things to each other.”

The driver and my girlfriend by my side both listened with bated breath as I took a very dramatic pause.

“These people that feel loved, will then love others.   Add 5 degrees of freedom…   before you know it we have full beauty pageant style world domination of love and “world peace!!!”

Boom Baby!  I win!  I know it’s cheesy, but it was my “real”, genuine answer….   and so I grinned at “Hieu”  (Yes, Jesus comes back as a reincarnation of Bruce Li named “Hieu”)…   I was smiling at Hieu, enjoying how clever I was…  Look at me being so “authentic” while telling him that my solution to world peace was “authenticity.”

Patiently not impressed, Hieu said:  “I think you are close, but you have missed it.”

“You cannot begin by giving your light to the world.  You must first give light to yourself.  You have heard of the Golden Rule yes?”  Hieu’s voice was peaceful but intense.

“Of course,” said the silverback, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

…and then Sir Hieu landed the big one that will forever change my life.  Every Miss America Pageant from antiquity to infinity will finally come true because of the great pearl of wisdom from my Chinese friend.

“Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you.  Once you have the light, then you can give it away.”   -Hieu (actually Jesus coming back as a reincarnated Bruce Li).

So my friends:  be kind to others.  Listen to them.  Love them with all of your genuine heart and soul if you dare!   But before you pretend to love someone else….  you better love yourself first.   You might fool them….   but you didn’t “really” love them.   

You can’t give, what you don’t have.

Oh that Hieu…….


Here is a picture of my new friend Hieu:

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  1. Dana Mistretta says:

    5 degrees from freedom!!!! Brilliant!!

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