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Giving instructions to ensure gift deductible status as a corporation.


First, THANK YOU for your generosity towards orphaned and destitute children in Malawi!  May God richly pour out his blessings upon you for your faithfulness and obedience!  It is amazing how far the US Dollar goes in a place like Malawi, Africa!

The support for this trip has been overwhelming.  I am pleased that so many of those I am in relationship with are business owners of some sort.  Some of you have Foundations specifically for this purpose!  Others of you give corporately to good causes.  What an incredible blessing!

Some corporate accounting structures require that charitable giving adhere to certain standards in order to qualify as an appropriate deduction/ expense.  Therefore, if you would like to give to Foreman Malawi 2012 as a corporate entity we offer the following method of giving.

  1. You may have a check sent directly to Children of the Nations International (COTNi)

P.O. Box 3970
Silverdale, WA  98383

  1. Please mark/ memo the Check “MA_MEDA812 – John Foreman” if possible.
  2. If not, then please mark the check with as much detail as allowed by your accounting structure…  (IE: some systems allow gifts to be marked for “Malawi” only…  Others would tolerate “Foreman Malawi 2012” without issue.)
  3. Please return the enclosed response card in the self-addressed envelope to me directly so that I may account for the gift!  Please place a short note on the response card indicating how you have structured the gift.  If you do not have a “paper copy” of the response card, then please send me an email:  jb@jbforeman.com and I will happily send you one!  OR, if you prefer, simply send me an email with a short note indicating how you have structured the gift and we can save a few trees in the process!

If you have ANY questions, then please do not hesitate to reach out to me!


Thank You!

John B. Foreman

Children dancing with a COTN ministry team in Malawi (2011)

Children dancing with a COTN ministry team in Malawi (2011)

Not a corporate entity?

Click HERE to give as an individual by paper check.

Click HERE to give as an individual “online” with a credit or debit card.