Where in the World is EXODUS?

Within the below link are GPS maps of EXODUS’ current position…  One of these maps is interactive and will enable you to send me and John a message while at Sea!  Satellite Magic!

To access the maps please click here:  EXODUS MAPS.  You will need a password to view the maps and interact with them, send messages to EXODUS, etc…  Please email JB for the password!

To access the blog updates for EXODUS, please click here.

My buddy John and I are sailing Exodus, my 36 foot Beneteau, across the Pacific this July.  Friends and family members have asked that I create some sort of blog to catalog Exodus’ Journey.  …So here it is!

We will use jbforeman.com to catalog the preparations for the trip as well as use a Satellite internet connection to upload updates before and during passage.  This website will also have a few real-time updated maps that will be updated with Exodus’ position.  Between the Iridium GO and the Delorme InReach we should be able to display our position every 10 minutes or so as we make the crossing.  Simply point your browser to jbforeman.com and Shazam!  You know where we are (or where we were a few minutes ago).

A little bit about us:

JB:  I’ve been sailing boats since I was a child and have since become a Merchant Mariner Credentialed Master, or “USCG Captain” (50 ton with aux sail and tow in case you are looking for one…).  I have a few hours of sailing under my belt…  And have navigated several offshore passages before, several while single-handing in Exodus.  Sextants, sails, aerodynamics, knots, rigging, weather, etc. fascinate me, however, I have yet to Navigate my way across an Ocean.  I have been thinking about this for years and have finally decided to make it happen!  Perhaps I will eventually live the dream and deliver boats for a living… I hear there is good money in it, and Sailing is my favorite thing…

John:  My buddy Johnny is pretty new to the sailing of keelboats.  He did some sailing on dinghies as a kid and he’s come out with me a few times to “Learn the Ropes” so to speak…   …and what we are about to do is extremely dangerous…  but then again, we thrive on danger.

John and his roommate, Ron, have somewhat taught me how to surf.  John and I will regularly surf “shore break” on body boards in surf that is well over our heads (and bashing directly into the sea floor)…  It’s the experience that we live for, and the adrenaline feels pretty good too…  The sacrifice is worth it!  If my favorite thing is Sailing, then John’s is probably the “green room”.  (Or perhaps the green/ brown room when surfing shore break…)

John may not be as experienced as I am at Sailing, but he is smarter than I am, and he does take direction on occasion when it suits him.  He will do.   🙂

A little bit about “Exodus”.  Exodus is Latin for departure…  and is the second book of the old Latin Vulgate.  The English translations of the Bible have kept the Latin name.  Exodus is the historical account of how the ancient Israelites made their escape from slavery in Egypt.  …and this is exactly what Exodus has done for me…  When I need an escape, I can count on her to take me away.

Exodus is a 1991 Beneteau Oceanis 370.  36 feet overall.  Sloop Rigged with a roller furling on the Genoa and an in-mast furling for the main.  She also has a little Volvo diesel which puts out about 27hp through a folding prop.  She has been outfitted with a Fairbanks Marine AutoHelm System and a “Solar Foil”, both of my own design.  The AutoHelm is a new system which I hope to license and/or market through Fairbanks Marine which applies adaptive algorithms and cutting edge inertial measurement and control to the world of sailing…  inventing stuff is what I do best…  more about that later….  The “Solar Foil” is a solar platform/ Bimini/ “mizzenmast wing”/ naturally aspirated auto-pilot.  It has been designed to act as either a foil or a wing and can help Exodus sail to weather without the need for an additional autopilot.  It also provides some shade…  and has approx. 500 watts of Solar which powers all of Exodus’ electrical systems. Several pages could be dedicated to the systems aboard Exodus…  Perhaps it will be worth the time in a future post.

Thank you for reading this blog!  Thank you for supporting us in our adventures aboard Exodus!  Please wish us luck as we engage in this adventure!